Hilke Bauweraerts

Hilke grew up in a musical family and was smitten with folk music from an early age. It was inevitable that her roots would lead her to begin practicing music herself. She started on the piano and recorder at the Schilde Academy, which later on was exchanged for the Academy of Arts in Turnhout. Although she has practiced numerous instruments since childhood, it was the diatonic accordion that eventually won her heart.

Debbie Lambregts

Debbie grew up with the pop music of the 60’s. However, it was the Beatles Anthology TV-series that marked a milestone in her early years: previously never been musically active, the latent urge to make music herself suddenly turned into a passion which continues to burn to this day. 13-year-old Debbie taught herself to play the guitar and began writing her first songs.

Anneleen Brabants

Since her father, Wim Brabants, taught the flute at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, Anneleen (1990) got born into a musical family. She started taking violin lessons at the age of six. Some years later harp, piano and viola lessons were added to the list, at the Kalmthout Music Academy. At the age of fifteen, she moved to the Academy of Arts at the Lemmens Institute where she graduated in 2010 with viola as the main and piano the secondary instrument.

Thomas Hoste

Since the hurdy-gurdy crossed his path, Thomas has been enchanted by the rich sound of this unique instrument. The infatuation became a true passion. Thomas followed intensive workshops & internships domestically (Martina Diessner, Iep Fourier, Hans Quaghebeur...) and abroad (Gregory Jolivet, Gilles Chabenat, Isabelle Pignol, Valentin Clastrier...) .

Zjef Van Steenbergen

Zjef Van Steenbergen (1994, Arendonk) began playing the electric bass when he was twelve. After high school, he started his musical studies at the Academy of Arts in Antwerp in 2012, where he was taught by Piet Verbist. The following year he continued these studies at the conservatory in Ghent. Here he was taught by Nicolas Thys, Yannick Peeters, Vincent Pierins and Janos Bruneel, amongst others. He currently plays in various projects covering different genres (jazz, reggae, funk, pop, folk, ect.).